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You need to know your air conditioning system will provide you relief from the heat, which is why you should consider the shape your AC system is in by taking these steps. This way, you can ensure that your AC system is ready to go the moment you need it.


Start Inside Your Home:



Checking the Outdoor Equipment


Turn on your air conditioning system by adjusting the thermostat and listen for the equipment to turn on. If everything sounds fine, and you feel cool air coming out of the air vents, then your home is ready for the heating season! It’s great having the knowledge to ensure your home comfort equipment is always running properly, but a Fsi Oil and Propane technician should handle any big repairs. What’s more, to avoid the uncertainty of whether or not your air conditioner is ready for the summer, an air conditioning service plan from Fsi Oil and Propane can help. Included in the plan is an annual tune-up and inspection that allows our technicians to tend to your equipment regularly to keep it running at peak efficiency. To learn more about our service plans, or to enroll, contact Fsi Oil and Propane now!