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Having a service plan from FSi Oil and Propane provides many rewards, beginning on the first day of service

Your heating equipment will last longer and cost far less to operate. As a result you’ll save money on energy bills, potential repair costs and system service life. That means you will enjoy cleaner, healthier and fresher air with uninterrupted comfort. Protect your warranty coverage by calling FSi Oil and Propane for professional service.

Air conditioning plans

Advantage AC Plan
Value AC Plan

Oil heating plans

Advantage Oil Fired Boiler Plan
Advantage Oil Furnace Plan
Value Oil Fired Boiler or Furnace Plan

Gas heating plans

Advantage Gas Boiler Plan
Advantage Gas Furnace Plan
Value Gas Fired Boiler or Furnace Plan

Water heater plans

Advantage Oil Fired Hot Water Heater Plan
Value Oil Fired Hot Water Heater Plan
Advantage Gas Hot Water Heater Plan
Value Gas Hot Water Heater Plan

As a family-owned HVAC provider, FSi Oil and Propane understands busy schedules and budget concerns:

  • We make seasonal maintenance simple, convenient, and affordable.
  • You’ll never be left waiting for a service technician to show up.
  • We believe in prompt response, on-time arrival and upfront pricing.
  • You’ll never be left with a mess to clean up.
  • We keep an organized work area, protect all surfaces from damage and clear away all debris from equipment.
  • Our service team is proud to wear the FSi Oil and Propane uniform and live up to the quality it represents in every job we take on.

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