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Home heating oil tank protection is available to all of our oil heat customers!

Tank Protection

A tank protection program is an extremely valuable, proactive tank replacement process for aboveground oil tanks. For qualified tanks (275–330-gallon size), we will provide you with a complete tank coverage warranty toward any possible future tank replacement. In addition, you may be eligible to receive valuable discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy! In virtually all cases, this program enables us to identify and replace the weakened tank at a minimal cost long before it becomes a problem.

PLEASE NOTE: While this program does not guarantee a tank will not fail, it is still the best protection against tank failures, but proactive replacements aren’t always possible.

What our Oil Tank Protection Program includes

You can benefit from all of the following:

Complete Tank Replacement Warranty

  • transferable warranty covers complete replacement of your tank – proactively
  • it provides proactive replacement of tanks before they leak
  • it helps protect the environment and reduce unexpected costs
  • possibly discounts available on your homeowner’s policy

Tank inspection certificate

You may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance policy. Present your tank inspection certificate to your broker and request a discount. You’ll need this important documentation if you are selling your home.

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