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Take the worry out of heating oil prices

Protect the price of your home heating oil against an unpredictable and volatile energy market. FSi realizes there is no one best way to purchase fuel, which is why we offer oil price protection for our customers throughout the Greater Springfield, MA, area. We believe that offering our customers choices is the best way to bring our customers value. Whatever fuel purchasing process or program you choose, FSi is there with you, delivering the best options. In addition to market pricing programs, FSi is pleased to offer two different price protection programs.

Price Protection Cap Plan

Our most popular price protection option!

We offer the best price cap protection concept in the marketplace. No one can predict with any certainty how high or how low the price of oil will be over any particular period of time. However, what can be done to stabilize and limit your cost of fuel is to use our price cap program. We can provide a ceiling limit on your cost AND provide a limitless bottom to how much you pay. Therefore, unlike fixed price programs, you are protected from rising prices above your ceiling, but anytime the daily rate is below the ceiling—you pay the lower rate.


With our fixed price plan, you can choose to lock-in the price you pay during the entire program year. You select the number of gallons you wish to purchase and prepay at the beginning of the program. The gallons you purchased are held by us and are delivered to you automatically as you need them throughout the program season. This option will protect you against price increases during the heating season. However, it will not provide for a rebate if the price drops because the fuel was contractually purchased with our supplier at the time of the prebuy.

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