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Letters we’ve received from some of our customers

We are extremely honored to have such kind words shared. We always want to know ALL feedback so we can continue to provide you the service you deserve. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share please email us. Thank you!

The very best customer service companies of any variety I have ever done business with. From telephone receptionists to service technicians, they have always treated me with respect and provide the most friendly and professional service. I have been with FSi for both oil and propane supplies for 30+ years. I used them for a boiler and plumbing installations as well. Their employees and the owner, Steve Chase, are among the very best customer service people I have ever done business with. You cannot go wrong choosing this company for your energy needs, assuming you are fortunate enough to live within their service area.

– Stephen S.

Great company with great service!!!!

– Kevin L.

I’m so glad I have found a company with super customer service and a company that cares about their customers and equipment. You have taken such a weight off my shoulders!

– Lynne S.

I highly recommend this local and family-owned business, we just bought a house a month ago with our own propane tank. Pricing propane, this company had the cheapest, and the customer service was at the highest level possible. Delivery occurred quickly after my call and a credit check. After having a security system installed, our heat was somehow affected and stopped working because of this. Even after just having the one delivery of propane, they sent an emergency worker very quickly on a Saturday night to fix the issue and restore our heat on a pretty cold winter evening. They just secured a long-term customer here. I was impressed by the quality of both services. Can’t give them enough praise.

– Sherrie M.

They are my oil provider. I have had my house for 11 years and I have ALWAYS used FSi. I love it because I never have to worry; my tank is always filled as needed at a good price. When I do have a question and call the office the team is nice and knowledgeable. Couldn’t ask for more.

– Jill M.

Thanks FSi for the great service today in getting our broken pipe fixed!! Always a pleasure.

– Sven K.

FSi is one of the few oil delivery companies that come out to Russell, MA. The woman on the phone was very pleasant and friendly, had all the information I requested readily available, and was both knowledgeable and informative. She conducted a very thorough transaction. We have set up a recurring account with them, and look forward to having similar smooth and convenient experiences in the future!

– Kai D.

I want to thank FSi for doing a great job installing my new furnace today! Very professional and prideful work in installing the furnace. They installed it as if they were installing it in a brand-new home.

– Christopher M.

Just wanted to drop a note to thank the FSi team for the service yesterday, when we awoke to find that we were without heat. Although we didn’t get a technician until early evening, we are grateful that the service was efficient, and that the problem was resolved that same day. We clearly understand that due to the coldest weather of the year, that the service department was overwhelmed with service calls. Also, we are pleased with the service we received from the person answering the phone and taking down our information… she was kind, courteous and efficient, and to the two service people who came out to our home, including Nate… who is a very conscientious & dedicated service manager. Again, our thanks for a job well done!

– Bob C.

Thank you for the help and service you supplied me with today. It is very much appreciated more than you know!! again thank you very much to FSi.

– Sue M.

I will tell your story of determination to get that propane tank, which must have weighed 900 lbs, up that hill. I cannot imagine what I would be doing right now if you all didn’t accomplish what I thought was an impossible task.

– Anna Z.

He came and looked at it for the initial visit. He figured out what the problem was—there is a collection pan inside the vent directly over the furnace which catches compressor condensation and pipes it to an outflow pump: This pan was tilted in the wrong direction, away from the pipe to the out flow pump. He said he would need more materials and more time to fix it and we set up appointment for the next day—he came with the materials and, in about an hour, he had accessed the pan and realigned it. The leakage stopped and I am completely satisfied.

– Timothy J.

They came when they said they would. They were the best price we could find. Very polite on phone.

– Richard B.

The central air system on the house we just bought died on startup. We had the seller have it inspected by her company prior to closing, who said it was in working condition—it was too cold outside for our home inspector to safely test it. We turned it on after moving in, the condenser unit was mysteriously dead. That company refused to work with us at all. FSi who serviced my old house, squeezed me in the same day to come out and look at it and give us a quote. We decided to replace the heating system at the same time since it was the same low-quality builder-grade brand and age as the A/C unit and I didn’t want to deal with another expensive repair/replacement in a year or 2, in the dead of winter. They came on time, replaced both within the time frame specified and the work looks great. No one wants to have to replace the mechanicals in a house they just bought, but FSi, at least made it a little less painful.

– Sarah F.

Very happy with the emergency guy this AM. Never happy to have no heat in the AM, BUT: He was very clean and neat, very polite. Wiped his feet every time he came in. Efficient. Explained problem. Also, I was impressed that he wiped up ALL the drops from his work. Made sure nothing dripped through the house or remained on our cellar floor, which is filth anyway, as it’s not completely finished. But that speaks of integrity and his commitment to work excellence. Thank you.

– Karyn B.