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Keep up to date on all the services, advice and insight that FSi Oil and Propane has to offer the Greater Springfield, MA, area concerning home heating oil, propane and home comfort services, including heating and cooling systems, plumbing and more. We strive to keep you informed and safe all year. These articles will help keep you and your family ahead of the energy industry curve.

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Energy saving tips for the upcoming heating season

Energy Saving Tips For Heating Season

October 14, 2020

Fall is in full swing here in Massachusetts, with peak colors arriving all over Greater Springfield and throughout New England. Soon, temperatures will be dropping – and heating bills will be rising. Want to keep those bills as low as possible? Try these energy saving tips. Home Efficiency Checklist Use your windows to your advantage […]

Now available at FSi: Propane tank monitors!

Now Available: Propane Tank Monitors!

September 28, 2020

Automatic propane delivery is a great way to take the stress out of managing your fuel supply, and to prevent costly propane run-outs; when you consider that it’s FREE, it’s really hard to beat. But as good as it is, automatic delivery does have its limitations – mostly because it relies on estimates (based on your […]

Fall’s here – time to check the plumbing

Check The Plumbing! Fall’s Here!

September 24, 2020

When you’re writing your fall to-do list in the coming weeks, don’t forget to include an important but often overlooked system in your Massachusetts home: the plumbing. Here’s a fall plumbing checklist to make things a little easier for you. Plumbing Fall Checklist Kitchen / bathroom Check for leaks on all faucets; take care of […]

More comfort and savings: propane can do that!

Propane Can Do That! More Comfort And Savings

September 14, 2020

When you convert your old electric appliances or heating equipment to propane gas, you immediately upgrade your home comfort experience – and save money, too. It starts with energy efficiency, where propane is the hands-down winner over electricity. For one thing, propane generates far more BTUs than an equivalent amount of electricity, so you need […]

What does hard water do to your plumbing?

What Does Hard Water Do To Your Plumbing?

September 8, 2020

Drinking hard water is not especially bad for your health, but it can cause other problems that range from the mildly annoying to the expensive to deal with. But what is hard water? How do you know you have it, and how do you prevent it? Let’s take a look. What is hard water? Hard […]

Signs you need a new water heater

Do You Need A New Water Heater? Here Are 5 Signs That You Do

August 26, 2020

A water heater is a lot like a lost love: you take it for granted until it quits on you, at which point it usually leaves behind a big mess. The good news is that your water heater will usually let you know it’s unhappy before the worst happens. Here are some telltale signs that […]

Water treatment 101

Home Water Treatment 101

August 18, 2020

Clean drinking water is vital to your health – but how can you make sure you’re getting the cleanest water possible from your tap? Simple: install a home water purification system. Water System Options There are a number of high-tech home water filtration systems available today, and each has its own unique features and benefits. Here […]

How do I read my propane gas gauge?

How Do I Read My Propane Gas Gauge?

August 10, 2020

If your home is powered by propane, you’ll have to keep an eye on how much gas is in the tank so you know when you need to schedule a propane delivery. The question is, how do you read that gauge? In some small gas cylinders (such as the 20-lb. tank for your barbecue), there […]

How safe is propane?

How Safe Is Propane For My Home And Family?

August 3, 2020

It’s a question we get a lot when we’re talking to new customers about propane conversion, or when buyers are considering their first propane-powered home. It’s an understandable concern, since propane doesn’t enjoy the same exposure here in New England that a mainstay like heating oil does. But as a company that has worked with propane gas […]

Summer energy efficiency tips and checklist

Summer Energy Efficiency Tips And Checklist

July 27, 2020

Summer is heating up here in western Massachusetts, and with most of us home more than usual, that’s sure to mean higher than normal cooling bills. If you want to keep those bills as low as possible, here are the best ways to do it. Home Efficiency List Cooling system If you haven’t gotten one […]