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Keep up to date on all the services, advice and insight that FSi Oil and Propane has to offer the Greater Springfield, MA, area concerning home heating oil, propane and home comfort services, including heating and cooling systems, plumbing and more. We strive to keep you informed and safe all year. These articles will help keep you and your family ahead of the energy industry curve.

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What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

September 9, 2021

Keep Warm With a Reduced Carbon Footprint! Heating oil gets a bad rap. But thanks to advancements in recent years, heating oil is a much cleaner product than in the past. One of the biggest changes in heating oil in recent years has been the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Bioheat fuel is a […]

Simplify! Make FSi Your Dual Fuel Provider

August 26, 2021

At FSi Oil and Propane, we work hard to make life simple for you – which is why we offer FREE, convenient services like our SmartPay Budget Plan and automatic delivery for your heating oil and propane. But one of the best ways we know to simplify life for you in this or any heating […]

Get to Know Our Premium Fuel, B5 Ultra Clean!

August 16, 2021

We have the pleasure of offering the premium fuel, B5 Ultra Clean. This bio heating oil is made up of a blend of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, Biodiesel, and UltraGuard™ Advanced Fuel Treatment. With a new product, comes new questions and we want to make sure we answer them all: Q: What is Ultra Low […]

What Does the Term “Biofuel” Mean?

August 9, 2021

If you own a home in Western MA that uses heating oil rather than natural gas or propane to generate heat, you have probably heard the term “biofuel,” or its commercially branded name, Bioheat®. But what exactly is it? Here are some Biohheat facts to help you get to know this cleaner, greener alternative to […]

How To Choose a New Water Heater

August 5, 2021

Water heaters provide a fast, effective way to get hot water to your taps and appliances. Choosing a new water heater is important, considering that they account for nearly one-fifth of a monthly energy bill in most households! In this guide, we’ll walk you through some considerations when choosing a new water heater – and […]

Home Water Filtration Systems Q&A

July 7, 2021

If you drink bottled water, or keep a filtered pitcher in your fridge, you might have at least considered installing a whole house filtration system in your home over the years. The question is, what stopped you? A whole-house water filtration system may sound expensive, but it may cost less than you think – especially […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Mini-Split Heat Pump?

June 21, 2021

You may have seen a ductless mini-split system in a local restaurant – those long cooling units, usually hung above a doorway or high on a wall. But did you know those ductless systems can also be used for home heating? A ductless mini-split heat pump is a great and efficient way to keep your […]

Bioheat®: The Fuel That’s Always Greener

June 14, 2021

Electricity is considered a “clean fuel” by many. But when you take a closer look, it isn’t exactly the “green miracle” people often make it out to be. Although the electric appliances (or heat pump) in your home don’t produce any emissions, the power plant that generates the electricity certainly does. In fact, in Massachusetts, […]

Enrollment For SmartPay Is Underway!

June 7, 2021

A little predictability can go a long way these days, especially when it comes to paying your monthly bills. The good news is you can get some of that predictability for FREE when you enroll in the SmartPay budget program from FSi. If you have been buying your heating oil or propane as a will-call […]

Should I Repair Or Replace My Heating System?

May 17, 2021

Having a reliable and efficient home heating system is really important here in western Massachusetts, where we rely on our furnace or boiler for almost two-thirds of the year. If your heating equipment is on its last legs and you fear you may need repair or replace it, don’t worry: FSi is here to help. […]